Weston Trussell

Founder/Video Producer

As a professional in video production since 2005, I’ve experienced the evolution of video from all aspects of production. Starting as a video editor, I progressed into videography, motion-graphic design, animations, scriptwriting, narration, directing, and producing. This comprehensive understanding of production allowed me to both work solo productions and as a team leader on larger productions, knowing the technical and creative process of each part of a production.


In 2017, Weston Trussell Creative, LLC, was formed. The principle behind this business model was to optimize and streamline production techniques and make professional video production cost-effective. My mission is to make high-quality videos available to small businesses and organizations, both experienced in using video or new to it. In working with clients to transform concepts into video content, I’ve allowed numerous clients to leverage video in their marketing and communications, helping stimulate attention and engagement from audiences.  

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