Complete Video Production Services

To create a video requires various skills. That’s why we provide comprehensive video development services from start to finish. We provide video solutions for projects both small and large. Whether you need a marketing video or ongoing video content for your social media, we develop productions to fit your needs, and your budget.

  • Producing & Directing
  • Videography
  • Video Editing
  • Drone Videography
  • Motion-Graphics
  • Narrations

Marketing Video Packages

Leverage the power of video to project your brand, and your message. Our marketing video packages are designed to jumpstart your video marketing with a video as professional as you are. With our $500 starting package, we work with your budget to provide you access to the power of video. Whether it’s marketing a service or product, event or cause – We work with businesses and organizations across various markets and industries to provide the right fit for you.

Weekly/Monthly Videos

From Facebook to Instagram, from YouTube to LinkedIn – Video has become the backbone of modern communications. If you’re posting content on social media, you need to be posting videos as part of a modern content strategy. Creating video content can be challenging and time-consuming, taking your time away from your business. This is why we offer special social media video development packages.

Starting at just $150 a month, you can subscribe to video development services that provide you video content development support, videography, and video editing. This packages elevates your social media marketing to the next level by providing you access to ongoing video content output – Allowing you to market yourself at the level of your top competitors!

Education Video Packages

With the increase in online learning in education and training, video has become the primary means by which to transmit information. Video delivers information through visuals and audio, engaging our senses so that we can comprehend concepts faster, and understand them comprehensively.

The high demand for education and training is why we offer education video packages that help translate your ideas into video curriculums that utilize engaging visual aids with crafted lectures to best leverage video in education.

We also assist in establishing distribution through third-party platforms or fully-customizable online learning platforms. Our turnkey approach to video course development takes the guessing out of becoming an online educator or trainer, allowing you to focus on what your’re teaching, not how you’re going to teach it.

Our Process

A good video product requires a good development process. From planning to assembly, we work with you to understand your ideas and goals. In planning, we develop concepts into video content. In creation, we record and edit together video. In supplementation, we create motion-graphics, add music, and utilize professional voice talent for narrations. This approach to comprehensive video development means you fulfill all your video needs, all in one place.

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