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We provide comprehensive video production services exclusively to businesses and organizations seeking to leverage the power of video to enhance their brand. We work with you to translate your brand and your goals into the video you need to be successful.

Since our founding in 2017, we have focused on providing video solutions to businesses and non-profits. This focused expertise in the professional application of video means we bring in-depth knowledge and techniques that are tried and true.

Our vision is to provide creative and technical solutions that meet the fast pace of modern video distribution – producing videos around a time and cost optimization model.

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A Video Partner For Every Platform

Video has the power to enhance your communication across all your channels. From website videos to social media content, from virtual broadcast events to e-learning video courses, the opportunities are numerous when it comes to the potential for applying video. However, with all this opportunity can come complexity and a lot of questions…

At Weston Trussell Creative, we understand that modern businesses and organizations require a trusted video production partner who can answer their creative and technical questions and be a creative and strategic advisor.

That’s why we believe partnership is key, and we’re here for you for all your various video needs today, tomorrow, and into the future. With this peace of mind, our clients have built successful media strategies that scale and achieve ROI.

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Weston Trussell, Founder & Video Producer

As a video professional since 2006, Weston Trussell has worked throughout the video industry in the commercial segment. First, starting as a video editor, then as motion graphic designer and videographer, Weston has developed and honed creative and technical skillsets across all aspects of video production.
With these insights and hands-on experience, he founded Weston Trussell Creative LLC as a comprehensive video production solutions business.

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